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Time to move on ...

After almost 15 years, it is time for a re-launch of the ESDN website. The site you are currently visiting will remain online for some time, but will no longer be updated with new content. To visit the brand-new ESDN website, please click on the link below.

ESDN Associate Members

ESDN Associate Members are primarily government officials responsible for SD policy formulation and implementation that indicate their interest in joining the Network. However, many ESDN Associate Members also come from other organizations working on sustainable development, national sustainable development advisory councils, international organizations, NGOs and CSOs, as well as researchers and business.

The membership status implies taking actively part in the exchange of information and experience among ESDN members and gives access to targeted individual support by the ESDN Office. The only obligation that comes with the ESDN membership is not to distribute confidential information (exchanged, for example, in the Members Section of the ESDN website) among non-members. Being a member of the ESDN is free of charge. Those who join the ESDN as members agree to uphold the ESDN Association Statutes and for which they stand.

Currently, the ESDN has over 430 Members from 41 countries: Although the focus of the ESDN is on Europe, the network is also open to non-European government officials, and other organizations interested in furthering the aims and goals of sustainable development.

If you would like to become an Associate Member of the ESDN, please contact the ESDN Office.


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