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After almost 15 years, it is time for a re-launch of the ESDN website. The site you are currently visiting will remain online for some time, but will no longer be updated with new content. To visit the brand-new ESDN website, please click on the link below.


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Each month, the ESDN will feature a Blog entry from one ESDN Advisory Board member on topics related to sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, and thereby offer a glimpse into the experiences, concerns, practical implementation activities, etc. of policymakers working in the field of sustainable development. We invite all readers to become more familiar with the ESDN, sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda, the SDGs, and those supporting the ESDN’s work in fostering a more sustainable future.

October 2020: Sustainable development has to be part of restoring our world after COVID-19

By Anneleen Malesevic, Head of communication of the Federal Institute of Sustainable Development (FSID) and member of the organizing committee of the SDG Forum

Humanitarian crises make great incubators for far-reaching structural change. The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath reinforces the need to mainstream long-term solutions for a resilient society and economy that works for all. COVID-19 has laid bare a lack of resilience to global risks. Recovery plans that aim to protect health, incomes and businesses need to look at the flaws in their social and economic systems pre-COVID and tackle them to ensure greater resilience for other environmental and social crises ahead.

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May 2020: The 2030 Agenda paves the way to the “new normal”

By Annika Lindblom, President of the ESDN Association

We are in the middle of a peculiar period. The Covid-19 pandemic has questioned business-as-usual approaches and caused upheavals all around the world, including Europe.

Finland has been one of the few countries that has overcome the situation relatively well, for now. There are casualties in the country, but the health care system has been able to treat all in need. Business life has suffered big time, but society has not been closed-down completely. However, the medium- and longer-term implications for people in Finland, the economy and the environment remain to be seen.

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