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Basic Information


Year of approval of the
SD strategy and updates


The current government has announced in their government program (October 2011) that a new and binding sustainability strategy with fixed goals, time limits and associated indicators and monitoring process will be developed.

The previous Danish Government published the latest NSDS in March 2009 with the title “Vækst med Omtanke” (in Danish only).

At the Nordic level a new Nordic Sustainable development strategy including a sustainable development indicator set is currently being developed (to be published in 2013). The indicators will include data from all the Nordic countries, including Denmark.

Type of SD strategy

The current NSDS covers all three dimensions of SD plus global/international issues.

Lead ministry/institution in
the SD strategy process

Ministry of the Environment

Link to the SD strategy

"Vækst med Omtanke" (2009)

The current set of sustainable development indicators connected to the former Danish National Strategy for Sustainable Development (2002):æredygtig+udvikling/Dansk/Indikator/IndikatorerBU.htm

The full list(s) of NSDS objectives as identified by a study commissioned by Eurostat can be downloaded here:

Further information about
the SD strategy process


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