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Basic Information


Year of approval of the
SD strategy and updates

The first NSDS was adopted by the Council of Ministers in 2002. The second NSDS was prepared in 2007 and had been partially implemented till 2009.  Since 2009 when  “ the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change” (MEECC), was established, the political priorities for Greece, throughout the whole Government structure, have been set under the overarching objective of “Green Growth”. Since 2010 when the economic difficulties has been increased due to the financial crisis,  until today Greece’s overarching political strategic objective, remains that of “Green Growth”, taking into account the constraints and obligations arising from the structural reform.


In the framework of this structural reform for more efficient and effective public administration, a new  organisation chart of the Ministry is in force, aiming at enhancing the sustainable management of environmental sector through the  improvement of the  horizontal coordination at the central level, optimization of human resources management, promotion of administrative efficacy and decentralisation of responsibilities, modernization, rationalization and adaptation to international and EU  standards.

Type of SD strategy

NSDS aims at covering all three dimensions of SD.

Lead ministry/institution in
the SD strategy process

Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (2002-2009)

Ministry of Finance (2009-2014)

Link to the SD strategy

National Strategy for Sustainable Development (2002) (English executive summary)

Further information about
the SD strategy process

Greek National Profile 2004 (Commission on SD, United Nations)

Greek National Profile 2006 (Commission on SD, United Nations) 

Greek National Profile 2008 (Commission on SD, United Nations)

Greek National Profile 2011  (Commission on SD, United Nations)

First National Report on implementing the EU SDS


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