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Basic Information


Year of approval of the
SD strategy and updates

The renewed National Sustainable Development Strategy of Romania was approved by the Government and officially launched on 16 December 2008, including a presentation at the European Commission. The review process of the current NSDS was a common project of the Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Romania. The reviewing process ensured a broad dialog between different stakeholders, and included national authorities, public bodies, universities, the business community and civil society. The renewed NSDS takes into account the objectives of the EU SDS.

Horizon 2013: To incorporate the principles and practices of     sustainable development in all the programmes and public policies of Romania as an EU Member State.

Horizon 2020: To reach the current average level of the EU countries for the main indicators of sustainable development.

Horizon 2030: To reach the average performance of the EU Member States in that year in terms of sustainable development indicators.

Type of SD strategy

NSDS covers all three dimensions of SD.

Lead ministry/institution in
the SD strategy process

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Management  and now the name of the central authority is Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes


Link to the SD strategy

National Sustainable Development Strategy - 'Romania 2013-2020-2030'

The full list(s) of NSDS objectives as identified by a study commissioned by Eurostat can be downloaded here:

Further information about
the SD strategy process


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