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Basic Information


Year of approval of the
SD strategy and updates

The Spanish National Sustainable Development Strategy, SNSDS was adopted by the Council of Ministers in November 2007. It was developed within the framework of the renewed EU-SDS by an Inter-ministerial Group for the SNSDS under the coordination of the Economic Department of the Prime Minister’s Office with the participation of other ministries.

The strategy focuses on the environmental, social and economic dimension of sustainability, and approaches the high-priority areas defined in the European Strategy according to the three above mentioned dimensions. It also proposed the development of a set of indicators as a primary goal of the strategy.

To obtain an independent evaluation of its progress the Permanent Commission of the Government for Economic Matters (CDGAE in Spanish) would order monitor and assess the degree of application and success of the policies contained in the SNSDS. 

Type of SD strategy

SNSDS covers all three dimensions of SD: environmental, social and economic dimensions in a Indicative manner.

Lead ministry/institution in
the SD strategy process

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Link to the SD strategy

Spanish Sustainable Development Strategy (2007)

Further information about
the SD strategy process

This page contains updated and complete information on sustainable development policies and sectoral achievements in Spain.

As it can be seen on that link, the process produced a number of developments, as for example the Spanish Strategy for Sustainable Mobility adopted in 2009, setting up the guidelines and measures regarding land use planning, transport and infrastructures, climate change and reduction of energy dependence, air quality and noise, security and health and demand management, giving special attention to fostering alternatives to private vehicles and the use of more efficient and sustainable ways of transport.

In more recent times, Gender equality has been considered another basic pillar to be fully integrated in the SNSDS. This “new dimension” was already recognized in the Organic Act 3/2007 of 22 March for effective equality between women and men which states that the principle of equal treatment and opportunities for women and men should cross-cutting inform the action taken by all public authorities. The central, regional and local governments will actively mainstream the principle in the adoption and implementation of their legislative provisions, definition and budgeting in all areas of public policy and performance of all their activities as a whole.

As a consequence, a new program, the Strategic Plan for Equal Opportunities (PEIO in Spanish) is being implemented since 2013, with the involvement of all the Ministries. 


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