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Evaluation and Review


National level:

The Secretariat of the Interdepartmental Sustainable Development Committee (ISDC) is responsible to deliver an annual report on the basis of the information provided by individual governmental departments. ISDC analyses these individual reports and makes them available to the Federal Council, Parliament and the Federal Administration. Since the adoption of the NSDS 2008 - 2011, two annual reports have been published in 2009 and 2010.

In 2010, Switzerland commissioned an external evaluation of its SD strategy. The results of the evaluation were published in 2011 (click here for the evaluation report in German with summaries in English, French and Italian).

Switzerland developed a method to assess political projects from a sustainable development perspective: Sustainability Assessment: Conceptual framework. In the course of this framework, sustainability assessment guidelines for federal agencies and other interested parties have been developed. These guidelines have been drawn up to help sustainability assessments to be carried out as efficiently as possible and in accordance with standard principles. They set out a procedure in nine steps and provide additional support in the form of a Sustainability Assessment Excel Tool that enables the relevance of an initiative to be reviewed from the sustainable development perspective and allows its impacts to be recorded in outline terms. The guidelines are available for download in English | German | French | Italian

Local level:

Different sustainability assessment instruments are used on the local level. A guide published in 2007 in German and French by the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) gives cantons and municipalities an orientation.


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