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Evaluation and Review

  The Netherlands

The Netherlands Court of Audit concluded in a 2017 study (in Dutch) that the Dutch government has made a “swift and well-organized start to achieving the SDGs”.

A report outlining national SDG progress is submitted to Parliament annually. Six umbrella organizations representing the private sector, knowledge institutions, NGOs, local governments, youth and The Netherland Institute for Human Rights each contributed a chapter to the report. Each stakeholder writes a part of the report and describes the current accomplishments and challenges of the SDGs in their focus area.

Regularly, The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) publishes reports on various sustainability issues with an environmental focus. Recent examples are

-          The cost of achieving climate targets and the sources of uncertainty (March 2020);

-          Emissions: world has four times the work or one-third of the time (March 2020);

-          Sustainable Development Goals in the Netherlands: Building blocks for Environmental policy for 2030 (2016).



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