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Evaluation and Review

  United Kingdom

Lead responsibility for monitoring, reporting and reviewing the progress made towards delivering the UK Government’s sustainable development vision and its different measures is as follows (and as above):

(a) Embedding sustainable development in government policy

• Defra will take the lead responsibility for reviewing departmental business plans in relation to sustainable development principles. The Minister for Government Policy (based in The Cabinet Office) will then hold departments to account through the quarterly business plan review process. 

• The Business Plans of every Department and quarterly business reviews are published on the Prime Minister’s website at    

(b) Transparency and independent scrutiny

• Developing real and measurable indicators to monitor sustainability across government and report results publicly. A new set indicators will be published in 2013 (see below).

• Monitoring by the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee (EAC) of sustainable operations performance data and reporting process, as well as assessing government’s overall performance and approach to embed sustainable development. The EAC has undertaken two inquiries into the Government’s mainstreaming sustainable development approach and policies during this current Parliament (see below).

• Real time reporting of information and statistics, rather than producing annual reports on sustainability. 


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