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Mechanisms of Horizontal Integration

  Czech Republic

MoE (respectively the SD Unit) fulfills a number of functions in the implementation process. MoE (SD unit) cooperates with other ministries and actors on selected issues and, at the same time, through its own analytical capacity, acts as an opponent negotiating with all stakeholders.

Since 2019 the MoE (SD Unit) also co-ordinates respective ministries through a so-called focal points network – persons responsible for intra- and interdepartmental coordination and communication with the MoE on issues relating to the implementation of the Czech Republic 2030 and sustainable development agenda at all.

It ensures the activity of the GCSD and participates in activities of a number of other advisory and working bodies that enable cross-sectoral cooperation, coordination and feedback. Representatives from Parliament, all ministries, NGOs, municipalities, industry, agriculture, trade unions, research, academic society and other stakeholders are members of the 8 Committees of the Council and many working groups.


The Committees of the Council are the following:


The Committee for Socio-Economic Development

The Committee for Landscape, Water and Biodiversity

The Committee for Sustainable Transport

The Committee for Sustainable Energy

The Committee for Sustainable Municipalities

The Committee for Education for Sustainable Development

The Committe for Foreign Policy Coordination for Sustainable Development

The Committee for Sustainable Development Indicators


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