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Mechanisms of Horizontal Integration


The Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea is the main governmental body in charge of regulations, co-ordination and control related to environmental management. In 2006, the Ministry acquired new responsibilities for the protection of marine waters, and in 2009 its structure was streamlined by establishing five core directorates. 

A number of specialised agencies provide support to the Ministry, including the Italian environmental agency (ISPRA), the Department of the Marine Environment of the Italian Coast Guard (RAM), the Carabinieri Corps for Eenvironmental Pprotection (CCTA), an environmental unit of the national military police (Carabinieri) at the disposal of the Ministry, and the State Forestry Corps (CFS), an autonomous unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

From a broader point of view, the search for horizontal integration and coherence through integrated environmental policies was one of the most explicit aims of the NSDS. Within this framework, in these latest years, consistently with the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, actions for environment and sustainability through scientific research have been enhanced, in order to promote lifestyles and technological innovations for sustainable development.

The Inter-ministerial Committee for European Community Affairs (Comitato interministeriale per gli affari comunitari europei, CIACE), a form of the “European Affairs Cabinet”, as well as the National Council for Economy and Labour (Consiglio Nazionale dell'Economia e del Lavoro, CNEL), an advisory body to the government, Parliament and the regions, have become important fora for discussing environmental sustainability.

Interdepartmental co-ordination is also carried out through task forces and steering committees, such as the Steering Committee for preparing the National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement and the inter-ministerial Technical Committee for Emissions of GHGs.


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