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Mechanisms of Horizontal Integration


Between 2003 and 2007 Sweden had a Coordination Unit for SD. Its task was to coordinate SD within the Government Offices, function as a think-tank and promote the further development of the NSDS. The revised NSDS was prepared by the Coordination Unit for SD in cooperation with a cross-departmental working group. Generally, all ministries are involved in the implementation of the NSDS.

A working group on Green Economy with participants from different ministries has been established in 2010. The working group is led by the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications and meets regularly.

Within the Swedish Government Offices the coordinative responsibilities of the SDS are shared between several ministries. The Ministry of Social Affairs, with support from the Ministry of the Environment, is responsible for the coordination of the Nordic SD cooperation. The EU SDS is coordinated by the Prime Ministers Office while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for coordination of the global SD work.




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