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Indicators and Monitoring


The state of and trends in sustainable development in Finland are being monitored and reviewed with the use of 39 national sustainable development indicators. These indicators were identified in 2014 to measure the progress of the eight strategic objectives of Society’s Commitment. The idea is that the indicators will be revised and updated as needed for the follow-up to Agenda 2030 and thus will also complement the global sustainable development indicators. 

The first set of national sustainable development indicators was prepared in 2000. Since then the indicators have been published and renewed regularly, especially when the new sustainable development strategy was completed. 

A network for sustainable development Indicators was established in Finland in 2010. Now, a specific Indicator Network, comprising experts from statistics, research, policy and stakeholder groups, will be set up in 2016 for the purpose of renewing the existing indicators. This work is to be completed in autumn 2016. The work on the indicators will be part of the national monitoring and review scheme for implementing Agenda 2030.

The  national web-based indicator service provides up-to-date information on the sustainable development indicators and other key social indicators used in Finland.

The National Commission and its Secretariat regularly monitor the implementation and attainment of the objectives detailed in Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development. The individual operational commitments are also followed up and a report is drawn up on their progress roughly once a year. The operational commitments are available in English ( 

The full list(s) of indicators as identified by a study commissioned by Eurostat can be downloaded here:


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