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Indicators and Monitoring


In the revised French NSDS from 2006, a set of twelve headline indicators (‘Douze indicateurs "phares" de développement durable’) was introduced. Likewise to the priorities outlined in the NSDS, also the indicators are closely linked to those on the EU level. Additional indicators are specified in the 2nd part of the strategy, ‘Programmes d’actions’ (programmes of action).

In the new NSDS 2010-2013, the list of indicators has been completed and improved. Indicators are linked to the Strategy's key challenges and to a quantifiable target written in the NSDS. The calculation and the update of those indicators are coordinated by:


  • INSEE,
  • Statistics and Observatory Division (Ministry for SD),
  • other ministerial statistics divisions.


The SD indicators are utilized in the progress report. The Indicators leaflet (in French, in English) is also prepared and published in the website of the Ministry for SD.

The full list(s) of indicators as identified by a study commissioned by Eurostat can be downloaded here:


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