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Indicators and Monitoring


Every two years, the Federal Statistical Office independently assesses the development and the status quo of the national SD targets and indicators (see Indicator Reports 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014; 2016, and 2018; every four years the Indicator Reports form part of the Progress Reports).


[Indicator Report 2016];jsessionid=CEDD171CA6ACDC1F55C2A7A214F1D294.cae4?__blob=publicationFile


Since 2008, they include - in addition to the detailed descriptions and trends of the indicators - a brief statistical evaluation regarding their distance to the envisaged target. This evaluation is graphically illustrated by weather symbols, e.g. ”sunny” or ”cloudy”, in line with (previous) Eurostat indicator-symbols. The Indicator Reports can be downloaded in German and English. In 2018, out of 63 indicators 28 were assessed as predominantly positive (e.g. education or renewable energy). The indicators for sustainable mobility and biodiversity were among the issues with remained a difficult challenge. The next indicator report will be published in 2020.;jsessionid=C9CFE3B3F4F3D0B0CDD07CC5FED88804.InternetLive1




The full list(s) of indicators as identified by a study commissioned by Eurostat can be downloaded here:

  • Indicator report (2012)


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