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Indicators and Monitoring


In 2003, a preliminary set of 70 SD indicators was presented in the report 'Environmental signals' produced by the National Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development (NCESD), supervised by MEECC. However, as the indicators were a proposal and not all of them measurable, the implementation of the NSDS was not monitored across all of them and the indicators were not used nor expanded to cover all the NSDS’s objectives.

A new set of indicators has been developed by the NCESD, in close co-operation with the National Statistics Service, which take into account the SD indicator set by Eurostat and the needs of reporting for the renewed NSDS. This set was developed and established in 2008-2009 within a “State of the Environment” Report produced by NCESD in 2010. The new indicator set was developed after the EU SDS Implementation Report (2007) has been adopted: it is not integrated in the old report (2007). The indicators will be utilized from the government and administrative departments to keep on track.

Indicators are also used in the Operational Programmes for period 2007-2013 to evaluate the results and impacts of the Operational Programmes funded by Structural Funds and also EC Life + Programme. Those include green and employment growth indicators.


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