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Indicators and Monitoring


The present indicator set, compiled by the CSO as a response to the commitment in Our Sustainable Future, complements two existing CSO indicator reports namely  ‘Measuring Ireland’s Progress’and Environmental Indicators Ireland  With a view to minimising the overlap between these three indicator sets this report has been limited to 55 indicators. Work on identifying verifiable sources in areas where there is not adequate supporting data continues with a view to enhancing the indicator set in future publications.

The indicators are presented under four domains: Global Indicators; Economy; Social; and Environment. The Global Indicators domain contains seven indicators and gives a worldwide overview (the other three domains only contain data for Ireland and the EU). Essentially the Global Indicators domain presents a snapshot of Ireland’s standing in the world.

The Economy domain contains thirteen indicators and these are designed to show trends in Ireland since 2000 and to benchmark Ireland against other countries in the European Union. The Social and Environment domains also show the trends since 2000 and benchmark us in Europe.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects the environment through its licensing, enforcement and monitoring activities. Details of the Agency’s activities and publications can be found at, including its most recent report ‘Ireland’s Environment An Assessment 2012.’

The full list(s) of indicators as identified by a study commissioned by Eurostat can be downloaded here:


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