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Indicators and Monitoring


National level:

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO), the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) joined forces to create the MONET measurement system. Now, MONET is a joint activity of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). With about 73 indicators, this monitoring tool facilitates regular reporting on the status and progress of SD throughout Switzerland.

Experience gathered since the MONET indicator system went online in 2003: Some elements were in need of improvement, e.g. the system was difficult to read as initially it was too large, some indicators lacked relevance, there were gaps in the system and international comparability was limited. The MONET system was revised in 2009and is now more in line with the themes of the European Union’s SD indicators system. The revised system now has 75 indicators (instead of 130), twelve of which are new.

The sustainable development monitoring (MONET) has been revised in 2016. The revised MONET indicator system reflects the varied aspects of sustainable development in Switzerland. The revised system enables monitoring of Federal Council’s renewed strategy on the subject by attaching particular importance to the UN's 2030 Agenda goals. The newly designed system is comprised of 73 indicators, 22 of which are new. This range of indicators now allows the topic of gender equality to be highlighted by means of a selection of indicators. The MONET system is published on the internet by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

The list of updated MONET indicators as of 23 June 2009 can be accessed in German at

or in French at

The indicators are updated once a year in autumn:

Global dimension of Sustainable Development 

In order to achieve a better observation of global problems and the way in which they evolve, the monitoring of sustainable development in Switzerland (MONET) is being extended. A set of indicators measures interplays between Switzerland and other countries.

To the global dimension indicators

Measuring Sustainability in Switzerland (MONET)

Local level:

Cantons and municipalities, with the support of the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE), have created since 2003 ‘cercle indicateurs’ as a common platform for indicators and monitoring on the local level. German | French | Italian


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