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Indicators and Monitoring

  United Kingdom

Defra has published a new set of sustainable development indicators (SDIs) for informal consultation between July 2012 and October 2012. These indicators replace the previous set of SDIs that were published in July 2010. 

These indicators have been published as provisional SDIs for 2012, with the feedback from the consultation informing the indicator set from 2013 onwards. By publishing the SDIs as a provisional set the UK will be able to: align this work with the Office for National Statistics National Wellbeing Measures; reflect on both the responses to this consultation; and actions emerging from the Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development before publishing an update in 2013. 

The SDIs are used to look at economic, societal and environmental issues together - whilst individual indicators are likely to cover only one of these, the essence of the set of indicators is that different indicators can be examined together. 

The intention is that the proposed SDIs will provide, for Ministers across Government, Parliament and the public, high level transparent measures of whether the UK is developing on a sustainable path. The SDIs should also support our evidence base for policy development across Government. 

The devolved governments have their own arrangements in place on sustainable development, including the publication of indicators. 

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Executive is committed, in its Sustainable Development Implementation Plan, to developing indicators to monitor progress against its Strategic Objectives that complement existing national and international monitoring and reporting frameworks. These indicators will form an integral part of the strategic level reporting framework on sustainability of the Northern Ireland Government.


The Scotland Performs web page provides up to date information on the Government's purpose targets and national outcomes and indicators covering a range of key social, economic, environmental and wellbeing indicators for Scotland. A summary of all Targets and Indicators is given in Performance at a Glance.


Wales has 44 SDIs covering 29 key issues. Of these, five are headline indicators, that measure activity in fields of the economy, society, environment, resource use and wellbeing. The indicators are reported on an annual basis, ‘Sustainable Development Indicators for Wales’, with the latest version published on 29 August 2012. A consultation on the current set of SDIs is planned for Autumn 2012.


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