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The development of NSDS was based on a participatory approach so that NGOs, civil society and the business sector were included in its creation. In the consultation process, a draft version of the NSDS was submitted to various stakeholders and posted on the lead ministry's web-site for 30 days and two public debates were held. Comments received in this way were taken into consideration in the final version of the Strategy.

Considering implementation of the NSDS and process of drafting of different action plans same participatory approach has to be respected. As it is propound in one chapter of the Strategy, the action plans should be prepared in workshops by mutual cooperation of all stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations and the business sector. The NSDS also specifies for each of the identified challenges "institutions involved".

There are also two independent bodies established by the Government, the Council for Physical Planning of the Republic of Croatia and the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Council, which were important stakeholders for the preparation of action plans, and whose members come from the ranks of governmental and non-governmental bodies, business sector and civil society.

For a detailed documentation of all advisory and participatory councils (for SD and/or the environment) in this country, please go to the EEAC website at and click on one of the listed institutions.


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