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  Czech Republic

The Governmental Council for Sustainable Development was established in 2003 as a standing advisory and coordinating body for SD and strategic management of the Czech Government. The Council consists of representatives from governmental institutions, local authorities as well as of all major groups of society and is chaired by the Prime Minister (Statutory Chairman) with the chairmanship delegated to the Deputy Prime Minister (Executive Vice-Chairman). The Council has the main co-ordination role for developing the NSDS. It is also responsible for updating and monitoring processes.

The Government Council on SD is the main platform for public participation. Generally, the Council has developed several managerial communication tools (i.e. communication strategy, communication action plan, etc). In cooperation with the Committee on the SD Strategy, the Council facilitates public discussion by organising public hearings, thematic workshops, national stakeholder forums, email-based discussions, information campaigns, etc. The Council also annually prepares the ‘Sustainable Development Forum’, which aims to facilitate broad public discussion and access of the public to information on SD topics. In 2006, the Council started a more intensive dialogue with leaders of the business community. In 2007, the Council communication activities towards the general public were conducted under the common theme ’Sustainable and Safe Transport’, in 2008-2009 it was the theme of ‘Sustainable Energy’, then ‘Public Health` in 2010 and at the present time it is ’Sustainable Consumption and Production’.


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