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In 2002 the drafting of the Strategy has seen the adoption of a thoroughly new approach, allowing for a better sharing of the draft document among the main actors involved in the implementation and to ensure a highly integrated vision of priorities. Both central and regional administrations, local authorities, non-governmental environmental and consumers associations, industry and business organizations and trade unions representatives reviewed the draft document. The consultation round was carried out during 14 meetings, involving more than 140 authorities and organizations.

In 2007, within the process of elaboration of the first National Report to the EU Sustainable Development Strategy, a strong co-ordination mechanism among central Administrations and Regions was set up, chaired by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Inter-Ministerial Committee for Community Affairs (CIACE) in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

In both cases previously mentioned, a relevant consultation process on sustainable development took place, contributing to develop processes of participation that allowed for the voluntary involvement of citizens, local administrators and the business sectors, and encouraging participation in managing environment and following sustainable development principles in line with the Aarhus Convention.

In 2012, in the run up to the UNCSD Conference (Rio+20), two big events open to civil society were organized. These events aimed at defining a common framework, structured and useful at the national level to address not only the preparatory process for the Rio +20 Conference but also the longer-term sustainable development policy in Italy in view of the major international commitments.


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