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National Implementation of 2030 Agenda for SD


Policy integration in government is central to the sustainable development paradigm and presents a key governance challenge in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is particularly the case in view of the rising complexity of social problems and global issues with important national and local impacts such as climate change. Effective policy integration is all the more important given the range of expertise from different institutions and sectors required to tackle the SDGs, as well as demands for more innovative, responsive and equitable service delivery, which transcend the competencies of individual ministries. While policy integration is central to the sustainable development paradigm, bringing about the delivery of integrated policies is a daunting challenge, especially in developing countries where, for example, administrative silos are prevalent


Leading Ministry and
respective unit

Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change. (MSDEC)

Sustainable Development Directorate

Other ministries involved

Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA)

National Statistics Office (NSO)

Main contact point for the
implementation process

George Said


Tel:- +356 22926283    

Links to main websites/
documents on national
implementation of the
2030 Agenda and SDGs

Links have to be yet established through our website.

Annual SD Reports:



SD Indicators Reports:



Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development


Voluntary National Reviews [No information available]


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