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National Implementation of 2030 Agenda for SD


In November 2015, the Sub-Committee for Sustainable Development was established within the lower house of the Romanian Parliament. On April 2016, both houses of the Romanian Parliament issued a joint statement supporting the 2030 Agenda, highlighting the need for Sustainable Development to be at the core of Public Policy. Two handbooks that are geared towards MP’s on the parliamentarian dimension of the 2030 Agenda were translated into Romanian to include the SDGs in the legislative process, and every committee in Parliament will analyse the SDGs and include them in their legislative projects.

The Government of Romania established a Department of Sustainable Development within the Prime Minister’s Office in 2017. Based on its establishing document, the Department is tasked with coordinating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, centralizing and integrating, monitoring data concerning Sustainable Development, and collaborating with public institutions.


The first thing the Department did was to revise Romania’s Sustainable Development Strategy which dates back from 2008. This revision process is expected to be finished by December 2018.


The next phase will be implementing the Institutional Framework the Strategy highlights as necessary for achieving the Goals. This involves creating an Interdepartmental Committee which is headed by the PM, a Sustainable Development Network which will enhance communication within public institutions by creating a ‘hub’ in every public institution, and a Consultative Council which will be made up of academics and researchers who will be tasked with giving guidance in implementing the Agenda. The Strategy also proposes helping in the establishment of a Coalition for Sustainable Development which seeks to act as an NGO which advocates for the Goals.


Another important stakeholder in implementing the 2030 Agenda in Romania is the National Institute of Statistics. They were of immense help in drafting Romania’s Strategy in assessing Romania’s current situation, and once a new set of Indicators will be agreed upon, they will have the duty of monitoring the implementation of Romania’s new Sustainable Development Strategy.


During the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council during the first semester of 2019, the Department, together with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in partnership with UNECE, will organize on the 16th of April, in Bucharest, a high-level inter-ministerial conference on Partnership on Implementing the 2030 Agenda (EU, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia, Western Balkans).


Leading Ministry and
respective unit

Department of Sustainable Development at the Romanian Prime Minister’s Office

Other ministries involved

Considering that the 2030 Agenda in Romania is being implemented at the PM’s level, every Romanian Ministry is involved in implementing the 2030 Agenda.

Main contact point for the
implementation process

State Counsellor László Borbély

Links to main websites/
documents on national
implementation of the
2030 Agenda and SDGs


Romania’s Strategy for Sustainable Development will be released next month.

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