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Sub-national activities

  Czech Republic

Regional SD strategies:

In 2005, the Ústí Region SDS was prepared and adopted and the Liberec Region SDS was prepared but not adopted by the Regional Council. These two regional SD strategies are directly linked to the NSDS. All other regions have regional development plans covering environmental and SD topics and these plans refer to the NSDS.

LA 21 initiatives:

There are more than 130 LA 21 initiatives in the Czech Republic: 4 regions (Vyso─Źina, Jihomoravský, Zlínský), 42 micro-regions (unions of municipalities) and 65 municipalities. The initiatives cover more than 30% of Czech Republic’s population. These regions, micro-regions and municipalities are members of the ‘Healthy Cities National Network’. The cross-cutting issues are all aspects of sustainable development and public health.  


Every local initiative is aimed at involving the broadest stakeholder representation possible as well as the general public through preparation, presentation and discussion over strategic development plans and their implementation. Ad-hoc and regularly held campaigns are launched (e.g. Earth Day, European Week of Mobility, Day without Tobacco, Global Embrace, etc.). When planning and performing the activities, the best possible mix of institutionalized and ad-hoc forms is sought by the organisers.


In October 2008, as a part of the process of preparation of the 'LA 21 Strategy in the Czech Republic’, the Governmental Council entrusted the WG LA 21 with a task to prepare a comprehensive research on LA 21 concept implementation in the Czech Republic and on its perspectives in the next 5-10 years in the context of NSDS. The results of this research are available since 2009. In December 2010, Methodics of the Local Sustainability Evaluation was submitted by experts to WG LA 21. Its pilot testing was performed in 2011 in 4 cities. The LSE evaluation is today a common procedure in many municipalities. 


The basic set of indicators is contained in the ‘Criteria for LA 21’ and serves the purpose of moving up on the scale of categories D, C, B, A when fulfilled. This set is open to development and modification. Methodics and Indicators of Local Sustainability were prepared for the evaluation of the best municipalities (see above).

Healthy Cities:

The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic – a municipal association dealing with SD, LA21 and other relevant SD topics that is also participating in the activities of the Czech Governmental Council of SD – has finished a special report on the practical implementation of the Czech NSDS at the local level. The report is based on a database linkage of the national and municipal SD strategies and shows many interesting results for the NSDS process and the SD activities at the local level. The database system and individual data are in only available in Czech, but a few summary reports of the project results have been made available in English.



Contact details:

Mgr. Jan Mareš

Head of Sustainable Development Unit

Department of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

Vršovická 65

100 10 Praha 10

Czech Republic


Phone: +420 267 123 001

GSM: +420 724 754 167


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