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Sub-national activities


Regional SD strategies:

At the end of 2012, there were 19 regional Agenda 21 initiatives in France.

LA21 initiatives:

At that time, there were more than 900 LA 21 initiatives in the country, 60% of them involving municipalities. More than 80% of the regions, 39% of the ‘départements’, a majority of ‘urban communities’ are involved.

The national level can provide support and subsidies when developing an LA21 initiatives and action plan; the regional level often provides support in human resources for implementation, or technical and financial support for the project elaboration.


Local authorities, NGOs, businesses and trade unions are commonly involved in the application of regional and sub-regional SD strategies.

Evaluation and indicators:

An important work on evaluation is currently in progress, led by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development. It will provide evaluation guidelines (methodology and indicators) suitable for every local or regional SD strategy.

Contact details:

Contact list available on (in French).


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