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Sub-national activities


The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for the national energy restructuring process in Sweden. The objective of this restructuring is to build a sustainable and effective energy system. The Sustainable Municipality programme is one of the efforts in order to achieve this objective. It was launched in 2003. The current programme 2008-2011 involves more than 20% of the Swedish municipalities.

There is also a climate network of 20 municipalities and one County Council. These municipalities commit themselves to lower greenhouse gas emissions, learn from each other and support others and cooperate internationally.

The Swedish Association of Municipalities and Regions occasionally arranges seminars, activities or publications on SD. Many municipalities take part in international cooperation projects and networks such as Aalborg commitments, ICLEI, CEMR and The European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign.

The County Administrative Boards are since 2008 commissioned to work in broad collaboration with regional climate and energy strategies. To co-ordinate the work on regional climate and energy strategies the County Administrative Boards in the three metropolitan counties have received 2.2 million SEK while the other boards obtained 1.3 million SEK for 2010. Three so-called pilot boards for green development have been appointed in 2010 for a three-year period. The pilot board will support other county boards and the development of the work on regional climate and energy strategies and thus the transformation to a green economy. These boards have in 2010 received an additional payment of 1 million SEK each.



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