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Mechanisms of Vertical Integration


National — sub-national linkages

During the preparatory process of the first as well as the current NSDS, all Ministries were involved. Every department was able to comment on the drafts of both documents at an early stage. During the preparation of the second NSDS, Ministries could choose to either join the preparatory working group or react on draft texts.

The process was coordinated by the Ministry of Rural Development. By organizing this process, Hungary attempted to ensure horizontal integration. To promote vertical integration, a broad range of stakeholders was involved in the preparation of the NSDS. Regional round tables were organized in order to include the regional and local levels. To further support vertical integration, the NFFT played a central role in the preparatory process of the NSDS.

Monitoring of SDG implementation is performed through the SDG indicators and the bi-annual progress report of the NSDS.

EU linkages

The National Sustainable Development Framework Strategy is taking into consideration the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development and it includes references from the EU SDS.


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