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Mechanisms of Vertical Integration


National — sub-national linkages

For the preparation of the 1999 National Plan on SD, the sub-national level was only marginally involved as one stakeholder group in the general consultation process.

For the development of the National Plan, the sub-national level is not directly involved but indirectly through two bodies and a series of round table discussions. According the law on sustainable development (loi du 25 juin 2004 relative à la coordination de la politique nationale de développement durable ) the  draft National Plan is discussed during the consultation phase in the Parliament and the High Council for SD. In the Parliament, several mayors of municipalities are MPs. Moreover, three round tables with several stakeholder groups are organised, including representatives of the Association of Municipalities.

In terms of implementation, two issues are important in the coordination between the national and sub-nation level: on the one hand, cooperation in sectoral policies is an ongoing process as the municipalities have certain responsibilities in several sectors (e.g. water, nature protection). On the other hand, every year the municipalities are invited to report to the national level their activities in LA 21: They fill-out a self-evaluation form of innovative projects. The evaluation criteria were developed by taking into account the objectives of the 1999 National Plan, thus creating a link between the NSDS and LA 21 activities. The national level then selects certain projects for a 50-80 % funding from the budget of the Ministry of Environment. Thus, the national level in interested in small, innovative projects.

EU linkages

The renewed EU Strategy for Sustainable Development (EU SDS) that was adopted in June 2006 foresees that Member States bi-annually report about how they address the priorities of the EU SDS. Luxembourg has published its first national report on implementing the EU SDS (in French) in July 2007.


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