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Mechanisms of Vertical Integration


National — sub-national linkages

The Romanian Government is directly involved in supporting the 2030 Agenda by implementing the Romania’s Strategy through its structures: Department for Sustainable Development (DSD) and the Interdepartmental Committee for Sustainable Development (ICSD).

The cooperation and coordination between the national and sub-national levels in the implementation process of the Romania’s Strategy for SD is led by DSD, as representative of Romanian Government.


DSD, as national coordinator, is carrying out consultations with representatives of each ministry in order to create the national network of sectorial hubs of sustainable development and elaborate de National Action Plan of the Romania’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.

DSD is contributing at the elaboration of the Operational Programme (OP) for Sustainable Development and the other OP’s from the architecture of programmes that supports the Cohesion Policy 2021 – 2027 and the Romanian policies and strategies including Romania’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.


ICSD brings together all members of the government and is chaired by the prime minister. ICSD monitors the process of implementation, monitoring, evaluation and revision of the Strategy, the integration of its requirements in sectoral policies and strategies, as well as the compliance with the reporting obligations assumed by Romania at international level and of the EU in the field of SD. ICSD ensures coherence in the process of elaborating and promoting normative acts by public authorities and institutions with responsibilities in implementing the Romania’s Strategy at national, regional and local level. The first session of ICSD was held in June 2019. The permanent secretariat of ICSD is managed by the DSD as part of the machinery of government.

ICSD is counselled by the Consultative Council of Sustainable Development (CCSD), which provides scientific and technical consulting, initiates and draws up policy documents and methodologies for implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Consultative Council is composed of 34 members from the scientific and academic community, as well as representatives of the business community, of social partners and of civil society.



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