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Mechanisms of Vertical Integration


National — sub-national linkages

In Switzerland, vertical integration mechanisms are relatively strong. Many cantons and communes have defined their own strategies for sustainable development.

Linkages between the federal, regional (cantons) and local levels of governance are managed within the framework of the ‘Sustainable Development Forum’. The Forum ensures that the different levels of state authority remain in contact and exchange information. In addition, the federal government’s programme promoting sustainable development also provides targeted support to initiatives that help strengthen sustainable development. A special focus is placed on strengthening cooperation with the cantonal sustainability offices and officers, who also serve as the first point of contact for the municipalities. The Forum is convened once a year, and keeps practitioners from all levels of government abreast of the current developments within and outside of Switzerland.

In addition, the federal government engages in a dialogue with the umbrella organizations for Switzerland’s cities and communes.

The ‘Network of Cantonal Sustainability Departments’ (NCSD) was founded in June 2018. The main objectives of the NCSD are: 1) Support sustainable development with respect to the 2030 Agenda; 2) Strengthen the Swiss-wide intercantonal cooperation; 3) Support experience sharing; 4) Support the drafting of reports for the federal level; 5) Active and common perception of cantonal interests with respect to those at the federal level (technical-practical level); and 6) Practical support of the conferences of the cantonal governments and further cantonal conferences.

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