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Mechanisms of Vertical Integration

  The Netherlands

National — sub-national linkages

There is no separate coordination mechanism for SD between the national and sub-national levels. In sectoral policies, there is coordination between the political levels, e.g. in environmental policy, transport policy, spatial planning or climate change.

In the current policy on sustainable development the sub-national levels are involved. There are, however, some programmes that are a link between the sub-national levels and the national level. Firstly, the ‘Learning for SD’ programme (LvDO) is a mutual-learning process with a focus on a change in society, education and government. There are coordinators of the programme in each of the provinces and a budget for local initiatives. Moreover, many provinces and municipalities developed their own action programmes. Secondly, there is a national programme on ecological and environmental education.

EU linkages


The EU Strategy for Sustainable Development (EU SDS) that was adopted in June 2006 foresees that Member States bi-annually report about how they address the priorities of the EU SDS. The Netherlands have published their first national report on implementing the EU SDS in June 2007.



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