ESDNewsletter May 2006

Dear ESDN colleagues,

In April we informed you that the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN) has an Office that serves as a permanent support mechanism for the network. Today – about one week before the ESDN 2006 Conference in Salzburg - we are happy to send you the first ESDN newsletter, dedicated to the launch of the ESDN website at

The ESDN newsletter will be circulated on a quarterly basis. Its key purpose is to inform you about

This newsletter highlights some of the key features of the ESDN website, such as

In addition, it points out

First Quarterly Report on EU SDS

The ESDN Quarterly Reports document a selected topic on a quarterly basis.

The first Quarterly Report provides an overview of the EU SDS and of related processes (such as Cardiff and Lisbon) from 2001 until today. Since the negotiations for a renewed EU SDS are still under way (the European Council is expected to adopt the renewed EU SDS at its Brussels summit at June 15-16, 2006), and because the EU SDS will be a major topic at the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN) Conference 2006 in Salzburg, this report will be updated in late June.

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Country profiles on SD strategy processes in Europe

The country profiles give a brief overview of selected SD strategy features for 30 European countries, including links to national websites.

Currently, the profiles cover basic information on SD strategies (including links to SD strategy documents) and mechanisms of vertical integration (a major theme at the ESDN Conference 2006 in Salzburg). More features will be covered in the upcoming months. We will keep you posted with this newsletter.

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The Documentation of the ESDN Conferences on the website

The website provides a one-stop-shop documentation of all ESDN Conferences so far. For the ESDN Conference 2006 in Salzburg, we just added the Final Programme and the Discussion Paper. The Conference Proceedings will be made available for download in late June.

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Your contribution to the website and the newsletter

Please note that the timeliness and the completeness of the information provided at the ESDN website and in this newsletter also depend on your contributions. Without your help, some features of the country profiles, for example, will remain empty for some countries because we do not have access to the relevant information. We would appreciate if you could update us on the SD strategy features of your country as well as on events and activities that are relevant for your ESDN colleagues. Please send your contributions to and we will circulate them.

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Our subscription policy

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We are very pleased that we can support the ESDN and we hope that our work will help to develop the network further.

The ESDN Office Team at the Research Institute for Managing Sustainability

Reinhard Steurer
Gerald Berger
Markus Hametner
Ursula Kopp
Andre Martinuzzi