ESDNewsletter September 2006

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This ESDNewsletter has a thematic and a procedural focus. Thematically, we want to inform you about

Regarding networking procedures we can announce


New ESDN Quarterly Report on “Evaluating and reviewing SD strategies”

The second ESDN Quarterly Report gives an overview of different approaches in the evaluation and review of SD strategies in Europe. In so doing, it concentrates on qualitative feedback mechanisms that assess the quality of SD strategies. Taking the relevant presentations and discussions at the ESDN Conference 2006 in Salzburg into account, the report provides further details about evaluation and reviewing experiences made in France, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

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Expansion of the country profiles

The country profiles at the ESDN website provide a quick overview on some key features of the SD strategy processes in 30 European countries. So far the profiles have provided general information and described mechanisms and procedures of vertical integration. Now, the profiles also provide information on evaluation, reviewing and monitoring schemes, and on arrangements of horizontal policy integration, that is the better integration of economic, social and environmental policies.
In case you have additional information we can add to one of the profiles, please contact us by email (

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ESDN Joint Understanding and membership issues

The ESDN Steering Group has adopted a PDFJoint Understanding that takes the discussion of a draft version at the ESDN Conference 2006 in Salzburg into account. The document clarifies some important issues of network governance (including membership issues). According to the ESDN Joint Understanding

  • “Government officials that are responsible for SD policy formulation and implementation are invited to become ESDN members by contacting the ESDN Office.” Those government officials that have participated at the ESDN Conference 2006 in Salzburg are notified in a separate email that we register them automatically as ESDN members. For further details about the membership status, please see paragraph 10 of the ESDN Joint Understanding.
  • The ESDN also wants to maintain close ties to experts from other networks, SD advisory councils, international organisations and NGOs, and selected senior researchers. For details about becoming an associated partner of the ESDN, please see the paragraphs 11-12 of the ESDN Joint Understanding.

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Opening of membership section at the ESDN website and other upcoming activities

An interactive website with discussion groups is an important tool that facilitates networking throughout the year. Thus, we are pleased to announce that we will open a password-protected membership section at the ESDN website with interactive features in the first week of October as soon as the first ESDN members are registered. Further details will be provided to ESDN members in a separate mailing.

The next Quarterly Report and the next ESDNewsletter will be published in December 2006.

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