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New ESDN Quarterly Report on “Objectives and Indicators on Sustainable Development in Europe

The ESDN Quarterly Report December 2007 gives a comprehensive overview of objectives and indicators of sustainable development (SD) in Europe. It first introduces objectives and indicators as key ingredients of strategic processes in general, and of SD strategies in particular. The report then summarizes key findings of a study that was commissioned by Eurostat in early 2007. The empirical findings show to what degree SD objectives and indicators employed across Europe are coherent with those at the EU level. Overall, it highlights that objectives are more coherent than indicators, and that the two strategy features are not always closely linked within a strategy process.

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Country profiles expanded: New category on SD indicators and monitoring

Based on the study commissioned by Eurostat and the ESDN Quarterly Report summarised above, we have expanded the Country Profiles with a new category on “SD indicators and monitoring”. It gives an overview of monitoring SD with indicators across Europe. Besides the actual SDIs used in some countries (listed in a pdf), links to progress and indicator reports are also provided. Lists of SD objectives can be found for some countries in the “Basic information” category of the country profiles.

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News on the governance of SD from the EU level and European countries

By highlighting new entries in the country profiles at the ESDN homepage, this part of the ESDNewsletter provides a regular update on the governance of SD across Europe.

All national progress reports on the implementation of the EU SDS available:
The progress reports of all the 27 EU Member States on the implementation of the renewed EU SDS have been added to the Country Profiles in the category “vertical integration”. They can also be downloaded at

European Commission: Progress report on EU SDS published
On 22 October 2007, the European Commission published the first progress report on the implementation of the renewed EU SDS. The progress report and the Commission staff working document can be downloaded at

Eurostat: 2nd Monitoring Report on EU SDS published and new website on SD launched
Eurostat recently published the 2nd Monitoring Report on the EU SDS. The new report updates and adapts the 2005 edition and revises the set of EU SDIs. Following this revision, a new website was launched on 11 December that is dedicated to the set of EU SDIs (

Finland: Implementation guidelines and NSDS Progress Report
In October 2007, the Finnish National Commission on SD approved a set of SD guidelines for implementation in the public sector. The guidelines consist of three elements: commitment of the administration to include SD into organisational strategies; implementation of SD practices in administrative routines and working environments; and assessment and follow-up of the measures. In December 2007, a comprehensive Progress Report on the implementation of the NSDS was submitted to the FNCSD. In addition to sectoral implementation reports, a set of key SDIs was also updated and published. The progress report is currently only available in Finnish and can be downloaded at

Germany: Stakeholder dialogue for NSDS Progress Report 2008 launched
Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, launched the stakeholder dialogue for the 2008 Progress Report of the German NSDS at the annual conference of the German Council for SD in November 2007. A background paper, including the structure of the report, can be downloaded here (in German). The first consultation phase will run until 31 January 2008. A second phase is planned for May/June 2008. The Progress Report will be published in October 2008.

Scotland: Economic strategy, spending plans and national performance measurement
The Scottish Government published its new Economic Strategy on 13 November 2007 and the day after its Budget and Spending Review for the next three years. The Economic Strategy defines objectives for increasing sustainable economic growth. To deliver these objectives, the new National Performance Framework outlines specific targets (e.g. to cut GHG emissions by 2008) and includes economic, social and environmental indicators. More information can be found at

Serbia: Public debate on draft NSDS and launch of website
A public debate on the draft NSDS has been launched in late September 2007, prominently involving the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister. This also included a “road show” in which the NSDS was presented to various stakeholder groups in 21 cities and local communities, reaching in total about 3,000 people. After being discussed in the Government, it is also intended that the NSDS is approved by the Serbian Parliament in Spring 2008. A newly established website includes the draft NSDS in English and further background information.

Switzerland: Best practice examples and other new documents
Several interesting documents have recently been published on the website of the Federal Office for Spatial Development: First, two best practice guides on communicating SD and sustainable public procurement. They can be downloaded here. Second, guidelines for the evaluation of SD criteria in projects on the level of cantons and municipalities have been released.

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Documentation of the ESDN Workshop on SD indicators in Portugal

In 2007, the ESDN has launched a thematic Workshop Series that facilitates an informal exchange of experiences among ESDN Members.

The 1st ESDN Workshop on SD indicators took place in Cascais/Portugal on 29-30 November 2007. It was hosted by the ESDN in cooperation with the Portuguese EU Presidency. For a documentation of the Workshop, including a summary report, please click here.

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ESDN news:

RIMAS contracted for two more years to operate the ESDN Office
We are happy to announce that RIMAS at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration will continue to operate the ESDN Office. The contract financed by the ESDN Steering Group has been renewed for the period 2008-2009.

ESDN Conference 2008 in Paris: 30 June – 1 July 2008
Next year’s ESDN Conference will be hosted by France in Paris. It will focus on Sustainable Consumption and Production. We invite all ESDN Members and Associated Partners to safe the date. For an overview of previous ESDN Conferences, click here.

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