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New ESDN Quarterly Report on “The Governance of the Lisbon Process

In March 2000, the heads of states of the then 15 EU Member States agreed upon a ten-year development strategy, the so-called “Lisbon Process”. In the political discourse, the Lisbon Process and SD strategies are framed as two complementary policy-making processes aiming at SD, although with different emphases.

While previous ESDN Quarterly Reports as well as other parts of the ESDN website explore SD strategies in Europe in detail, the ESDN Quarterly Report March 2008 addresses different aspects of the Lisbon Process. It describes its governance as well as some basic characteristics of Lisbon National Reform Programs. Furthermore, it reviews the coherence of Lisbon indicators used across the EU. Finally, it draws some conclusions on similarities, differences and the relationship between Lisbon National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and SD strategies.

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News on the governance of SD from European countries

By highlighting new entries in the country profiles at the ESDN homepage, this part of the ESDNewsletter provides a regular update on the governance of SD across Europe.

Belgium: Fourth 'Federal Report on SD' published
In December 2007 the Federal Planning Bureau published the fourth 'Federal Report on Sustainable Development', entitled 'Accelerating the Transition towards Sustainable Development'. The report proposes two long term (2050) sustainable development scenarios and assesses the existing situation, including the current policy on sustainable development. It is available in French and Dutch; a brief outline (in English) is available in the Belgian Country Profile.

Finland: National SD Commission re-set for another 5-year period (2008-2012)
The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development (FNCSD) was re-set by the Government in February 2008 for the next 5-year period (2008-2012). The main task of the FNCSD is to advance the implementation, assessment and follow-up of the National SD strategy, involve old and new societal actors and keep the SD policy process in the mainstream of the national politics.

Spain: NSDS adopted by Council of Ministers in November 2007:
The Spanish SDS was developed in the framework of the renewed EU-SDS by the Interministerial Group for the Spanish SDS under the coordination of the Economic Department of the Prime Minister’s Office with the participation of affected ministries. It underwent a consultation process during the first part of year 2007 and was consequently adopted by the Council of Ministers on 23 November 2007. The NSDS explicitly states a set of 74 indicators for its monitoring and can be downloaded (in English) from the Spanish Country Profile.

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ESDN news:

ESDN Conference 2008 in Paris: 29 June – 1 July 2008
As announced in the last Newsletter, the ESDN Conference 2008 will be hosted by France in Paris. It will focus on Sustainable Consumption and Production as well as public policies on CSR. The draft programme is now available here. For an overview of previous ESDN Conferences, click here. Please note that participation is open to ESDN Members and Associated Partners only.

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